Monday, August 02, 2010

Clarity Cover!

I am psyched. Why, you ask? Because today's the day I get to show you the cover of CLARITY!



Really ready?

Are you sure you want to see this? we go...

Ta-da! (Click on the image to see the cover in its full-sized glory.)

When I got the email way back when, I opened it up, waited four hours for the attachment to open (okay it was probably four seconds, but it seemed like hours), and my jaw hit the floor. It’s bright and beautiful and just so different.

I knew ahead of time that a model would be on the cover because my editor had told me they were doing a photo shoot. My main character, Clare, is a petite redhead with startlingly blue eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. And the model they chose…is exactly that!

The one thing I really wanted incorporated into the cover was water, since the setting is a tourist town on Cape Cod and much of the book takes place near the beach. I didn’t mention this wish to anyone, but was delighted when I opened the attachment and saw the water in the background and the seagulls in the sky. (The seagulls are also on the back. SO. COOL.)

What I love the most, though, are the colored circles of light around the model’s hair. That, in my opinion, is what attracts your eyes to the cover from a distance. (Not that I had the picture up on my monitor and then stepped away ten feet and pictured it on a shelf in the bookstore. Okay, I did.)

And lastly (because I've blathered on long enough), I love the look on the model’s face. Clare is tough, snarky, and defensive at times and the model seemed to capture that perfectly.

I'm super happy and so excited to be sharing the cover with you! And I'll be even more excited to share the real thing with you...on March 1, 2011. Yay! :)

What do you think?